Village schools

Closed 25 Mar 2020

Opened 13 Feb 2020

Results expected 12 May 2020

Feedback expected 13 May 2020


The aim of this consultation is to find out your views on proposed changes to the policy on admission and pupil placement in mainstream schools in relation to the transition from village primary schools (Inverkip, Kilmacolm and Wemyss Bay) to secondary schools.

Why We Are Consulting

In January 2020 the Inverclyde Council Education and Communities Committee approved a proposal to undertake a statutory public consultation on the current policy for admission to mainstream secondary schools from village primary schools.  Village primary schools in Inverclyde are Inverkip Primary, Kilmacolm Primary and Wemyss Bay Primary.  Currently pupils attending these schools have the choice at primary 7 of seeking admission to either the non-denominational or denominational high school assigned to their address.  This is because some parents choose to send their children to the local non-denominational primary school because of the travelling distance to their nearest denominational primary school.  This option is only available to village schools and is not an option given to pupils attending other schools in Inverclyde. 

St. Columba’s High School is currently oversubscribed and entry to the school needs to be managed by the Education Authority.  A consequence of the policy currently in place  in relation to  village schools  is that if the school becomes oversubscribed for pupils within its  catchment area, there is a risk that pupils who have a Certificate of Baptism into the Roman Catholic faith, or pupils from the villages who have attended the associated denominational primary school for their catchment area may not get in.  During a recent pre-consultation process some parents felt that the current policy is unfair. 

If the proposals outlined in this paper are agreed then transition arrangements will be put in place for those affected by any changes to the policy.  The proposed transition arrangements are fully outlined in the consultation paper.

What Happens Next

Following the consultation, the paperwork will be sent to Education Scotland for review.

The council will examine the consultation results at it Education and Communities Committee on 12 May 2020, with the outcome published here no later than 13 May 2020.


  • Public meeting at St Columba’s High School, Gourock

    From 27 Feb 2020 at 18:00 to 27 Feb 2020 at 20:00

    A public meeting will be held at St Columba’s High School, Gourock where anyone with an interest can find out more and ask questions about the consultation.

  • Public meeting at Wemyss Bay Primary School

    From 4 Mar 2020 at 18:00 to 4 Mar 2020 at 20:00

    A public meeting will be held at Wemyss Bay Primary School where anyone with an interest can find out more and ask questions about the consultation.


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